Why Daschunds are the Worst Breeds

Why are Daschunds the Worst Breeds? Known for their petite structure and elongated waistline, Daschunds sure are a beauty to behold. It is without a doubt that pet lovers and dog enthusiasts want to know if these dog species are worth having.

Poodles, Scottish terriers, and Dalmatians may be considered socially able and easy to manage, but dog lovers are in the loop when it comes to the Daschunds; questions about their health, manageability, and friendliness keep raging on and begging for answers. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at what type of dog the Daschund is.

Why are Daschunds the Worst Breeds?

Dachshunds may be considered challenging due to their potential for stubbornness, territorial behavior, and susceptibility to health issues. However, individual experiences vary, and proper care can mitigate concerns, fostering positive relationships.

What kind of Breed is a Daschund?

The Daschund dog breed is among the smallest Breed of dogs belonging to the hound family.

Like its close cousin, the chihuahua, the Daschund breed has a petite feature and a thin but long waistline, giving it the distinctive feature that makes it different from other dogs in the small category.

Despite their smallish statures, Daschunds are skilled hunters and among the most intelligent species of dogs in the canine kingdom; this is largely due to their ancestry as they belong to the hound (a type of wild dog known for its hunting skill)

Over time, these dog breeds became domesticated and began living with men either as pets, guard dogs, etc. While the daschunds have lived with man for some decades, the popularity of these dogs in pet lovers’ homes is minimal, partly due to certain biases about the Breed.

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Common Problems with Dachshund

Even though the Dachshund has been with us for some time, only a few homes keep this Breed as a pet; each with varying reasons why the Breed doesn’t pass for a pet. This has led to the false assumption that the dog is one of the worst breeds.

As with every dog breed out there, Daschunds have their strength and weaknesses, and generally classifying them as the worst Breed overlooks the importance and unique characteristics this dog possesses.

Before we get into the unique trait that our Dachshund has, let’s look at the challenge you’ll face as a dog lover if you decide to keep this as a pet:

Why Daschunds are the Worst Breeds

Common Problems with Daschunds.

Minor challenges associated with keeping the Daschunds include the following:

Spinal Problems

The elongated waistline of the Dachshund is the first challenge keeping the dog may pose; this is because they are susceptible to issues related to the spinal cord.

Their compacted bones could lead them to develop back problems like a herniated disc and IVDD, and they may be confined to a dog’s wheelchair. If you are a dog lover fond of always picking your dog from the ground, a Daschund may not be the best fit.


Digestive issues are also another thing that makes the Daschund get the tag as the worst Breed; since their neck and digestive system are housed in one space, they often come down with mild stomach troubles, digestive tract issues, and anemia, which happens as a result of blood not being circulated evenly.

More often than not, the Daschund breed needs to undergo regular checkups and sometimes a once-in-a-while minor operation to correct the disc linking to their digestive tract in case of a twist.


Because of their physiology, excess glucose and starch stored in their alimentary canal, when disrupted by nervous activity, causes a spillage in the fluid, which results in your Daschund being diabetic.

This, in turn, goes on to affect certain parts of their bodies, like their eyes and skin, causing them to have night blindness and minor skin infections.

Regular checkups and proper treatment can correct these abnormalities.

To assume the worst of an animal because of a minor health challenge sounds unfair, given that their positive side outweighs the problems they face; this is also true for the Daschund breed.

Daschund Temperament and Why You Should Keep Them

From being loyal to intelligent, if you’ve ever thought of a dog that possesses this trait in abundance, then read on to see what more is in store for you keeping a Daschund.

An interesting persona

If you are looking for a dog that keeps an even temperament, then you’d find one in the Daschund. Known for acting exactly how you want them to, this dog breed is your sure bet when It comes to civility.

The dog is known for flowing with the tide; that is, when you want it to be expressive, docile, or wild, it sure fills in the characters perfectly well.

Slow but Retentive

Some dogs look bright but are prone to forgetfulness, not the Daschund; it is this trait that makes many owners of this species adore it.

Although your tubelike canine may be slow to comprehend what it’s taught, be rest assured that once it gets the hang of what you are teaching it, never will you have to remind it to perform that task.

Loyal to a Fault

The phrase “man best friend,” as associated with a canine, had the Daschunds in mind while being coined. When it comes to loyalty, this dog breed has a high dose of it.

Through thick and thin, the Breed has your back and sometimes can be possessive in that it opposes any other animal trying to get your attention. That’s the Daschund for you.

Defensive and Protective

You might be wondering how a dog so small can be feisty, well it all boils down to its ancestry. By nature, this Breed evolved from the hounds, and instinctively, the hounds are known for their hunting and defensive skills both in packs and alone.

Their intelligence and quick wit make up for what they lack in size, and trust me, you don’t want to be on the bad side of these furry little beasts.

So, would it still be a fair thing to say that a Daschund is the worst Breed? I’d leave you to decide. Perhaps it’s your first time wanting to own a dog; here is why the Daschund should be your first choice.

Are Daschunds Good Fit for First-time Dog Owners?

If you seek loyalty, intelligence, and extreme affection from a dog as a first-time dog owner, the Daschund should come top on the list.

Their patient and ever-subservient nature make them one in a million and ensure you reciprocate the love these cute little canines show to you.

To Wrap Up

The question of why Daschund is the worst Breed needs a rejig since all animals by nature are a little bit pesky, but with the right care and support, they become well-behaved and tamed.

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