Learn Everything About Silver Savannah Cats

Silver savannah cats are extremely rare, and some people still believe that this cat breed does not exist due to its scarcity in breeding organizations. But the truth is that Silver Savanna is real, and all of the photos you’ve seen on Instagram are not fake.

This comprehensive article will teach you everything you need to know about silver Savannah, including how much they cost and where you can get them for free.

What is a silver Savannah?

Over the years, many breeders have attempted to coexist silver Savannah with servals to incorporate the serval’s distinctive silver coat. However, producing consistent silver offspring is difficult. In the early generations, breeders may encounter variations, with some litters producing only golden kittens despite intentional silver breeding.

The procedure requires patience and consistency, as obtaining a reliable silver queen can take months or even years. This is due to the genetic complexities involved in producing the desired coat color and pattern.

To breed a Silver Savannah cat, the offspring must have at least one Silver Savannah parent. As a result, cats became scarce, making the case for admiring but not purchasing.

Physical Features

The silver Savannah is scarce because of its unique features. They have a sleek and strong physique, similar to their wild serval ancestors, and if you come across them in the wild, avoid trying to pet or make friends with them.

Some people have come out publicly to express their love for their silver Savannah cat, Fur Silver, and promise to get the cat if they have the chance.

Their coat It’s not your typical coat; it features cool spotted or marbled patterns that give off a wild vibe. It’s as if they stole some fashion ideas from the African wild, you know?

Plus, their large, round ears and long legs make them look like cat rockstars. And don’t get me started on the fancy, short, silky fur that exudes elegance. It’s like breeders mixed in some wild magic; It took me several months to realize that these felines exhibit both wild and domestic traits.

Characteristics of Silver Savannah Cats

Characteristic Description
Coat Color Silver with black or dark markings
Size Medium to large
Body Type Sleek and athletic
Ears Large and pointed with ocelli (spots)
Eyes Large, almond-shaped, with bold, dark markings
Legs Long and slender
Tail Long, thick, and tapering towards the tip
Temperament Intelligent, active, social, and affectionate
Lifespan 12 to 20 years
Special Features May exhibit “tear-streak” markings on the face

Silver Savannah Cat Price

Price is not the only consideration when purchasing a Savannah cat; availability is also important. The price of these felines is heavily influenced by factors such as generation, pedigree, and breeder reputation.

Savannah cat Prices typically range from $17,000 to $18,000 to several thousand dollars, reflecting the silver coat’s rarity and desirability. Prioritizing reputable breeders is critical to ensuring the health and well-being of the cat you’re interested in.

Silver Savannah cat adoption

The procedure of adopting a silver Savannah feline cat involves several steps. First, you should do is, Research and identify reputable rescue organizations breed. First, research and identify reputable rescue organizations, breed-specific rescues, or shelters that may have silver Savannah cats available for adoption. Contact these organizations to inquire about the availability of silver Savannah cats and discuss their adoption process.

Best cat rescue organizations for cat

Several reputable cat rescue organizations are dedicated to the welfare and adoption of cats. Some well-known ones include:

1ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals):  A widely recognized organization with a mission to prevent cruelty to animals, the ASPCA often has cats available for adoption.

Petfinder: While not an organization itself, Petfinder is an online platform that connects adopters with various rescue groups and shelters, making it a valuable resource for finding cats available for adoption.

Best Friends Animal Society: Known for its no-kill initiatives, Best Friendships works to save animals from shelters and provides them with a chance for a loving home.

Alley Cat Allies: Focused on the well-being of cats, Alley Cat Allies is particularly involved in advocacy, education, and rescue efforts for community cats.

The Cat House on the Kings: A California-based cat rescue and sanctuary, The Cat House on the Kings is one of the largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuaries in the U.S.

Adoption Application

Next, be prepared to complete an adoption application, which often includes information about your living situation, experience with pets, and your ability to provide a suitable environment for the cat.

Some organizations may also conduct home visits to ensure that your living space is safe and conducive to the needs of a silver Savannah cat.

If your application is approved, you may then proceed with the adoption. Adoption fees and specific requirements can vary, so it’s essential to communicate openly with the organization and clarify any questions you may have.

Finally, welcome your new silver Savannah cat into your home and provide the love and care they deserve.

How to Tell if your cat is a Silver Savannah

You can’t simply spot any kind of Savannah cats by their looks and active attitude, as these unique felines boast distinct physical traits that set them apart.

To identify if your cat is indeed a silver Savannah, pay close attention to its coat color, pattern, and body features. Silver Savannahs are characterized by their striking silver coats, defined spots, and a physique that reflects their athletic nature.

Delving beyond the surface, understanding the breed’s behavioral traits and lineage can also contribute to confirming the presence of that coveted silver Savannah charm in your feline companion.

Choosing the Right Silva Savannah for You

Guide potential owners on factors to consider when selecting a Silva Savannah, including lifestyle, living conditions, and individual preferences.


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