Chocolate Long-haired Daschund

Wiener, Sausage, or Doxie, whichever you choose to call them, remain your chocolate long-haired Daschund.

The chocolate long-haired Daschund has gained popularity not just for its being a petite hairy canine, but for its active and feisty temperament. They are the real description of small but mighty.

Maybe you are looking to buy your own hairy short long-haired wiener or you wish to know what is behind their expressive and courageous persona, we’ve got answers.

First stop, let’s dig into a brief history of our beloved chocolate long-haired Daschund.

What Kind of Dog is the Chocolate Long-haired Daschund?

The chocolate long-haired Daschund is among the German-breed Daschund progeny, known for their amazing hunting skills (also called badger-hunters).

Averaging a standard weight of 8-9 inches and the miniature breed hitting 5-6 inches in weight, the chocolate long-haired Daschund differs from other breeds of Daschund by their hair.

Most Daschunds possess little to no furry coat, however, the Chocolate Long-haired Daschund cut the odd with its furry and flowing coat while maintaining the same tube-like physique and stubborn streak common with other breeds.

Chocolate long-haired cut the mark for being even-tempered than other Daschund breeds, though not fully represented, there’s a lot to discover underneath about this breed.

What do I need to know before getting a long-haired Daschund?

Beyond the glitz and the glam surrounding Daschund, the chocolate long-haired Daschund strays from your regular classification with other breeds.

For example, while the Hairless breed may be a little forward and feisty, the latter possesses a mild to zero aggressiveness, this however depends on the training given by their breeders.

Other traits of interest you should consider before getting a Daschund include the following:

  • Highly Alert and Active Animal
  • Grooming Priorities
  • Cost of buying them
  • Health issues and care
  • Not overly suitable with kids
  • A bit restless and adventurous
  • The Breeders Credentials.

Highly Alert and Active Animal

Before breaking the bank in bringing a long-haired Daschund home, one fact you must bear in mind is that your furry canine is an active and highly alert animal.

Thanks to the Daschund ancestral line of being excellent hunters and badgers’ scourers, this breed does have a high sensorial ability, and should not come as a surprise when they yap at the stranger approaching your house upon sighting them.

Use the Dog Age Calculator to determine your dog’s age in human years.

Grooming Priorities

To avoid treating your dog of skin sensitive illness, bear in mind that your chocolate long-haired Daschund will need a lot of grooming and taking care of when it comes to its coat.

While long-haired Daschunds are not heavy shedders like other dog species, prioritizing their grooming helps keep their coats looking shiny and healthy in the long run.

Cost of Buying

Typically, a Daschund costs anywhere in the range of $1000-$3000 in buying them, with a long-haired breed, it is no different, some breeders may sell at a higher rate than the standard price.

one reason a long-haired Daschund costs as high as $1000 buck owes largely to their general maintenance and health-related issues, expert breeders work round the clock to ensure that health problems common in parent breeds are eliminated when breeding their offspring.

Health Care and Issues

IVVD otherwise known as Intervertebral Disc Disease, hypothyroidism, and some eye disorders are among the health challenges your Daschund will face. The physiology of this breed contributes to the health challenge your canine friend will experience.

For example, IVDD is largely due to the situation where your dog’s vertebral disc presses against their nerves, and if left untreated can lead to paralysis/strokes. You should consider this when buying this breed.

Not Overly Friendly Around Kids

If you have kids around your house and looking to add a long-haired Daschund to the mix, creating a separate playing space for your canine friend will prevent mishaps that can result when your kids bump into them.

The small nature of the Daschund makes it a little aggressive and sometimes inconsiderate of its intruder, and in its defense may yap at a seemingly harmless situation. Your kids may not be spared this yap if they get into the doxie’s way.

A bit restless and Adventurous

Sanguine and supercharged is what describes the long-tailed Daschund, and failure to provide the excitement this Weiner will unleash some very destructive habits.

Your Sausage needs a lot of stimulation, outdoor activities, and adventure. Keep them in a spot in your house and your sofa could be in trouble (they will chew on your sofa out of boredom)

Maybe a sedentary lifestyle appeals to you and looking for a dog to revel in the comfort of a good bed, a Daschund may not be the best fit for your needs.

The Breeder Credentials

You don’t want to have a dog whose next name will be the next vet friend. Choosing a good Daschund breeder with the correct credentials will minimize the rate at which you need to visit the vet.

Expert breeders who ensure that breeds from pup stock are devoid of any illness or trait of the negative gene present in the parent are a good consideration before buying your canine.

One takeaway from the personality of the long-tail Daschund is the fact that despite their size are bold and smart.

Does Long-Haired Daschund Bark a Lot?

Long-haired Daschund is the classic description of vocal. With a high shrill bark that can be constant and somewhat irritating, to keep a doxie is to bear its yapping.

On a positive note, your Daschund bark comes in handy in terms of security and creating alertness (something you will find invaluable).

Although your Daschund barks, its bark is nothing compared to the Golden Retriever.

What should a Chocolate-Haired Daschund Eat?

Medically, your vet will prescribe protein-rich food for your dog, this includes muttons, beef, and fish. However, should be cooked without being seasoned.

In addition, Oats, Barley, Broccoli, Pumpkins, and Apples are good grains and vegetables to include in their diet as they supply an ample dose of calcium and phosphorus.

Now What

No Daschund breed provides a streak of smartness, temperance, beauty, and courage than the Long-tailed doxie. Getting one entails knowing what they eat, health considerations, and grooming. Lucky for you, this article has done well to cover that.

If you find this article informative, please drop your comment in the section below and feel free to bookmark this page for easy reverence whenever the need arises.


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