Can Frenchies Eat Tomatoes?

With its high fiber content, protein, and vitamin composition, your Frenchie is drawn to the juicy flavor of tomatoes; the million-dollar question is, “Can Frenchies eat tomatoes”?

In moderation, your French Bulldog is entitled to having tomatoes as a treat or part of their main meal.

When given as a treaty, you’d want to ensure that only the rich red ripe tomatoes are served properly, stems and leaves removed, and then chopped in bits for their consumption.

For Tomatoes placed in cans, you should avoid giving your pups any of it as the processed puree could contain chemicals not ideal for your dog’s health. Canned tomato puree contains preservatives and other additives that can damage the stomach walls of your canine; hence, feeding them such should be avoided.

Side Effect of Over-feeding Your Frenchies with Tomatoes.

Whether you decide to add solanum Lycopersicon (the fancy name for tomatoes) in your dog meal or serve as a treat, sometimes, as pet owners, we let our dogs have more than they can handle, like eating more tomatoes than they should.

Perhaps you think that spoiling them a little more than required won’t cause any harm, but this isn’t true; your dog is at risk when you feed it more vegetables than they need; possible effects associated with feeding your dog more tomatoes include:

  • Stomach Upset
  • Disorientation and foggy feel.
  • Diarrhea

Stomach Upset

The more tomatoes you treat your dog to, the more you upset their belly. Although these fruits contain healthy nutrients, consuming excess vitamins causes stomach rumbling and discomfort.

For your dog, this manifests in signs like a rumbling stomach, increased restlessness (switching from side to side when resting), low moans, and resistance to being petted.

While in moderation, tomatoes can be excellent for your dog, once you begin to notice your dog feeling uncomfortable, It is time to put a stop to how many tomatoes you’ve given it.

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Disorientation and Foggy Feel

Over-ripe tomatoes contain ethanol/ and other alcoholic compound that, if consumed in excess, can cause your dog to act strange.

For example, your dog may start exhibiting traits of clumsiness, such that their walking steps look like they’re wobbling; you may also notice that their pupils dilate which makes it impossible to see clearly.

Lastly, given the natural aggressive nature of most Frenchies, in rare cases, they start acting wild and untamed if left to consume large quantities of tomatoes.


Following your Frenchies’ stomach upset, you will also notice that they constantly pass out feces without control, especially if you’ve fed them more tomatoes than required.

The excessive intake of vegetables causes the acid in their stomach wall to leak, and when this happens, they feel a need to defecate constantly; check out for this sign if you think your pup has had more tomatoes than expected.

What to do when your Frenchies have had more Tomatoes?

The best thing to do when you realize that your Frenchies have had more vegetables than required for them is to seek vet help. Your veterinarian is a better place to prescribe a suitable medication for your canine.

Basic first aid treatment to give your Frenchie while the vet is on his way includes leashing them and discarding any remnant of tomatoes present in their plate; in the worst case, where your Frenchie acts aggressively, sedating them may be advisable.

It is tempting to assume that while tomatoes are considered edible, other vegetables can be eaten by your Frenchies.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Dogs’ primary meal is animal protein, and other forms of plant protein are given as a rebate to either aid digestion or as a treat; it is, therefore, important to know the vegetable you should never give to your Frenchies.

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What Vegetables can Frenchies not Eat?

There are a lot of vegetables your Frenchies should not attempt eating, and your role as a pet parent is to keep them far from the reach of your pups; they are:


Garlic contains a chemical compound called Thiosulfate; this chemical when consumed by your Frenchies causes them to lose much blood and also turn pale, in addition to that, they experience intense stomach rumbling and discomfort.


Another toxic chemical you won’t want your Frenchie ingesting is the chemical Solanine, which is present in potatoes; either cooked or eaten raw (which again is not advisable), this chemical causes your dog to lose weight and also become irritable, something you wouldn’t wish for your Frenchie.

Alternatively, you could feed them with sweet potatoes but ensure it is properly cooked and unseasoned, as it have less effect on your dog.


The bulbous round vegetable is another No-No for your canine because, like most vegetables, it can cause your Frenchie to not only lose appetite but get poisoned.


Almost 80% percent of all mushrooms are highly toxic, and even the rest that are edible still contain a toxic compound that needs to be properly treated before being eaten. Being the case, your Frenchie has no business with this vegetable.

It is not advisable and even against medical prescription to feed your dog any mushroom; going against this warning can lead to a fatal condition for your dog.

Can Frenchies eat Cucumber?

Cucumber, among other healthy vegetables to try out, is safe and okay for your pet as it contains some form of mineral water that improves the overall skin coating of your Frenchie.

Properly chop the vegetable and ensure that its seeds are well removed while you serve them, and lastly remember to apply moderation in your serving, ideally, a quarter chopped cucumber is enough to meet their nutritional requirement for the day.

Can You give your Frenchies Raw Meat?

Dogs are free carnivores (meaning they eat any meat) and sometimes can do without meat in their diet.

However, when feeding your canine with meat, it is highly recommended that you cook your animal flesh before feeding them to avoid microbes present in raw meat from getting into their digestive tract.

To wrap Up?

Your Frenchies are at liberty to eat tomatoes, but while they do so, it should be in moderation to avoid complications associated with eating in excess. More so, vegetables like cucumber can be given to your dog as an alternative to tomatoes. Don’t forget to exempt your French Dog from Garlic, Onion, Potatoes, and mushrooms as they contain toxins not healthy for them.

If you find this article informative, let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment section. Don’t forget to check out our other related articles.




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