Best Meal To Feed Dolphin

What Do Dolphins Eat? Making your Dolphins look healthy and well-fled should be your first concern. Thus, you must learn more about dolphin nutrition and all the different types of food these marine mammals feed on.


In this blog post, we will be looking into the diet staples and another important part that concerns feeding your dolphin’s health.

What Do Dolphins Eat?

According to, dolphins are smart aquatic mammals classified under the category of toothed whales. They explained that these creatures are found globally, mostly in shallow sea waters and powerful rivers. They are mostly carnivorous, feeding on a diet of crustaceans, squids, crabs, and a wide array of fish species.

Just like we mentioned, dolphins are carnivorous aquatic mammals. They feed on fish, squid, jellyfish, octopuses, and other sea animals. The dolphin diet is determined by the availability of the prey in its ocean habitat.

What is Dolphin Diet or Favorite Meal?

  • Krill
  • Fish
  • Squid
  • Sea turtles
  • Cephalopods
  • Plankton’
  • Jellyfish
  • Crustaceans
  • Marine Mammals

How Often Does a Dolphin Eat?


Well, studies show that dolphins frequently eat multiple times during the day. They feast on opportunities. Moreover, they eat frequently, spending the majority of their time searching for food. Every day, dolphins consume 3 to 7% of their body weight in food.

However, an adult dolphin’s weight ranges from 200 to 250 kg (331.5 to 442. Ibs), or about 20 pounds of food every day. Additionally, a nursing mother’s daily food consumption—roughly thirty pounds—is higher. All things considered, it’s crucial to remember that dolphins have huge stomachs since their divided stomachs facilitate quick digestion.

Does Dolphin Eat Underwater?

Well, the answer to the above question is Yes. Dolphins feed underwater. Hence, as an aquatic mammal, dolphins have a high ability to hunt and catch food underwater. They ensure that their pray are large ones and don’t float away by sucking them deep into their mouth.

Do Dolphins Eat Humans

No. In as much as dolphins are regarded as predatory, they don’t eat humans. Although they can attack and bite humans, they don’t eat humans. They focus more on seafood, and they swallow their food whole, hindering them from eating humans.

How Long Can Dolphins Live Without Food?

Dolphins can only live for a few days without food. As opportunistic feeders with a compartmentalized stomach, they need to eat often to survive. Reference –

Do Dolphins Eat Sharks?

No. they don’t eat sharks, although they may attack and kill a small shark but they don’t eat them because their mouth is not large enough. They attack sharks in other to save and protect themselves and because sharks are apex predators that can easily eat them.

How Do Dolphins Hunt?

Dolphins hunt in groups. However, when hunting in a group, they use the sheep herding technique, where a group of dolphins tail a group of fish and encircle them.


Every one of the dolphins in the group eats their fill in turn before breaking the chain. However, a single dolphin hunting prey will chase it and toss it against the ocean floor before eating it.

Some of the major seabirds dolphins eat are pelicans, gulls, puffins, albatrosses, and razorbills. Seabirds are not always available which is the reason the dolphins eat them much as their preferred prey, like octopus’s squid and fish.

Dolphins Stomach 

According to research, dolphins have three-chambered stomachs, just like deer, cows, and other land mammals. The three-chambered stomach helps the dolphins eat a lot of food, which can sustain them for a while.

The first stomach is where the prey mastication happens since they do not chew by just swallowing, they meal. For the second stomach, it carries out digestion. It is also where nourishment happens. But the third stomach is where the final digestion occurs. It is also called a pyloric stomach.


Does Dolphin Drink Salt Water?

No. Dolphins cannot drink or live in salt water because it will be too toxic for them. They generate the water they drink from their food. The fluids from prey are only 1/3 as salty as the water dolphin swims in, making them tolerable for the huge sea mammals.

Do Dolphins Eat Crabs?

Yes. they eat crabs even if it is not their primary food choice. They eat what they find in their habitation. Thus, when crabs are available, they feed on them as much as they would feed on other prey

Do Dolphins Eat Plants

No. Dolphins don’t eat plants and this is because they are carnivorous mammals that love to eat fish and other seabirds, they can not eat seaweed or any other plants within or outside the sea. They only feed on fish and other seabirds and animals.

Do Dolphins Eat Sea Turtles?

A lot of dolphins don’t eat sea turtles. Killer whales are the only exception and only do so occasionally. The sea turtles are not part of dolphins’ favorite dies because they don’t like them. The intelligent dolphins prefer mostly fish with shrimp, mackerel, salmon, and herring topping their choice.

Do Dolphins Eat JellyFish

Yes. Dolphins love jellyfish. They actively eat jellyfish and often use the sheep herding technique to encircle a group of jellyfish and have their fill. They also feed on shrimp, salmon, and squid.

Do Dolphins Eat Meat?

Yes. they do eat meat, but fish is their primary diet. Although they sometimes eat seabirds, means like beef are not common to them because they are sea creatures or mammals.


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