Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix: Uncover Everything You Need to Know

The peculiar traits of the Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix endear their owner to them for a reason.

Berner as these fluffy canines are called are among the breeds of Sennenhund dog type that originate from the alpines of Switzerland. Other breeds in this mix include the Grosser Sweitzer Sennenhund, Appenzeller Sennenhund, etc.

With a bulky build well suited for drafting, a dedicated and loyal nature, a round-the-clock active lifestyle, and beautifully colored coats, this canine steals a spot in the list of most adorable dogs.

While the Bernese Mountain dog boasts unique attributes, there are some salient and succinct details first-time owners itch to know. Questions include why these dogs are expensive to buy, whether they make good pets, tolerance to inclement weather, and more.

These questions listed will form the basis of this article, let’s dive in:

Why is Bernese So Expensive?

To understand why the Berner is costly to maintain, some quick facts about this canine breed are necessary to highlight, among them are

  • The quality and cost of grooming
  • Susceptibility to Illness.
  • Popular demand for the breed
  • Dog’s Prowess and Aptitude
  • General Functionality.

The Quality and Cost of Grooming

The three-color array of the Berner’s coat accounts for a reason why the dog is difficult to maintain; its beautifully black, white, and rusty brown stripes around their torso coupled with the silky coat cost a lot to maintain.

To prevent cases of dog sensitivity, skin irritation, and other associated diseases, it is important to note that the cost of buying this dog will be on the high side. Licensed animal shelters usually consider this before selling their Berner.

In addition to their grooming, miscellaneous expenses can also add to the cost of getting a Bernese Mountain dog. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), over $1500 is spent on maintaining a dog (Pet Toys, Feeding, and Skin Care Products inclusive)

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Susceptibility To Illness

The Berner’s breed of canine indeed is sturdy and workaholic, with an ability to take more than it can handle as a draft’s dog (Not advisable to overwork it).

While the dog’s strength is commendable, the Roman mastiff is prone to sickness like other canines.

Diseases like Osteochondritis (bone inflammation), Cancer, and regular bloating especially from eating unhealthy foods can contribute to your Berner falling under the weather regularly and as a result, may be expensive to have.

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Popular Demand

Despite the seemingly health challenge your Berner is susceptible to, there is a surge in the demand for pups of this breed.

Getting a Bernese as a pup comes with the advantage of controlling the temperament, and diet and tracking how often they get sick.

More so, Bernese can grow to a towering weight of 70-115lb and a height of 23-27cm which makes them a farmer’s choice.

The benefits stated above add to the reason why your favorite canine is expensive.

Dog’s Prowess and Aptitude

The courteous nature of the Bernese as well as their incredible work ethics accounts for the reasons why they’re expensive.

A Bernese is among the most sociable, diligent, even temperament and family-oriented dogs- because of this tends to be expensive.

Although it takes time to make the Sennenhund mentally agile, this is compensated for by its hardworking nature, at a point in history the Bernese was known to carry a load twice its size.

Blessed with a muscular, tall, and heavy widened back, a flattened cranium, moderate ears, and a toe that curves inward, this quality adds to why they are on the premium side.

General Functionality

From being a family-oriented dog to a shepherd’s best friend, your kid’s favorites, and then its beauty, the versatility of the Bernese breed makes them expensive.

Even so, the Bernese breed can also be used as guard dogs, and as always, these mastiffs have never disappointed, again leading to the increased cost of having them around.

So, putting into consideration their grooming, nature-, strength, and prudence, it is fair to say that the Bernese are worth being exotic.

Still wondering if the Bernese are a good pet, the next section should convince you

Is a Bernese Mountain Dog a Good Pet?

Following the elaborate on why the Roman mastiffs are expensive, you’re probably wondering if this dog is worth having as a pet. Well to answer, check this out:

Family Oriented

Again, no dog does it better when it comes to getting oriented with the family circle like the Bernese, and if wanting your canine as part of the family appeals to you, this breed is the best fit.

You are at ease when your dog is kept with your children (Bernese are a heck of a bunch when it comes to caring for children).

Lastly, when visiting friends and extended relatives come around, they need not fret that your Bernese will scowl at them; their stand-offish demeanor is just a way to assess if they are a treat or friend, right after that, expect to find them free with your guests.

Good Drafting Hands

Farmers who want to hire drafting hands will find the breed of the Bernese Sennenhund a helping and friendly hand. Here is what I mean:

By nature, the Bernese is a bulky breed of dog originally domiciled in the alpine region, during that time, the canines were used as plows for their owners thanks to their thick-set and furry coats.

Fast forward to the present, this breed still performs the functions as their predecessors, and with selective breeding has been able to produce high-end canines suitable for manual labor.

If you want a pet cum farm helping hand, the mountain dog is your best bet.

By now, you have been cleared of the doubt about having a mountain dog for a pet with the many benefits highlighted above.

Can Bernese Mountain Dog Tolerate Hot Weather?

The furry nature of the Bernese Sennenhund creates concern if this breed can withstand hot weather; the answer depends on some factors.

Grooming plays an essential role in how your Bernese will react in hot weather, if properly groomed and fallen furs are taken off, your canine should be able to function optimally.

Finally, subjecting your mountain dog to open spaces and natural ventilation will go a long way to ensure that their body temperature is maintained and the need for complications mitigated.

Final Thoughts

The Bernese Mountain Husky Dog is a symbol of power, patience, niceties, family value, and mental maturity, looking past the cost of this breed and adopting them is like tossing a coin, assessing your capacity to bear the brunt of their grooming, disposition to natural illness and many more before breaking the bank to buy them.

If you find this article insightful, feel free to drop a comment and check out other related articles below.




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